Audeze has captured the interest of audiophiles and music industry professionals alike with its high-performance headphones. Audeze created the legendary, award-winning LCD-2 and LCD-3 headphones and the higher-efficiency LCD-X and XC models, and more recently made planar magnetic technology accessible to a wider audience with the EL-8 and SINE series headphones, featuring proprietary planar magnetic designs with extremely thin-film driver materials and powerful custom magnets that overcome the limitations inherent in heavier moving-coil or cone drivers that are typical of most headphones. With the Audeze planar driver technology, a very small, thin transducer placed in a magnetic field produces sound that is incredibly accurate with low distortion, allowing the listener to hear sound as if they are in a recording studio. Overture offers a selection of the remarkable Audeze headphones.

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Audeze LCD2

Audiophile quality, that articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music.


Audeze LCD-X

Reference-level planar magnetic headphone


Audeze LCD-3

High-performance planar magnetic headphone


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